Thursday, March 08, 2007

Welcome back Kotter

Alrighty, I'm back. Not, not back from France, that happenned a long time ago, January 1st to be precise but I'm back here blogging. Or whatever it is I'm doing.

I've been gone a bit since I decided to begin preparing to take the GRE test. What a deep hole that issue is. Forget about that for now. What has really been taking my time is tying flys. Yes, it's back to the bench, behind the vice, under the bobbin for some serious impressionistic tying.

Now, I think it's only fare to mention that the majority of the masses think of aquatic insects and their relatives when they think Fly Fishing. This ain't the pansy shit I'm into. No. I'm into salt-water bass slammin action1 This does not mean tying dry flies on size 22 hooks. This is creating patterns that mimmick fishes! I am not interested in catching a fish with a mouth that's going to "sip" flies drifted on the current. No, I'm into tying streamer patterns. These are the big boys of fly fishing.

I have been hanigng out alot at a web site called Stripers On-line in an area called Surf Talk. It is an amazing resource for anyone interested in fishing. It is biased towards saltwater and skewered in favor of Striped Bass but there are other facets represented as well. The forums in surf talk are a pretty good place to exchange ideas and talk about what's hot, what's not, what works, what doesn't and what's never been done before. People from all over the Northeast put up posts and I gotta tell you there are some pretty damm amazing things that show up.

So, this is where I've been chilling. My screen name there is M. saxatilis. For those that don't know, M. saxatilis is the scientific name for striped bass. Or Squidhound, or Rockfish, or to have one accepted name...Morone saxatilis. Linnaeous had it right.

I hope to bring you a few pics in the next few days of a few of my creations. I must admit I have gotten quite good at this. It makes me laugh that I can tie an amazing likeness to a squid but, in all likely hood, will never fish it. WHy? Cause squid don't hang out in NJ coastal waters where I fish that's why. Although, I hear King Salmon feed on squid...

Ok, So there'll be no pics today but I promise some by the weekend. RIght now I am trying out something neat and I am pretty stoked to see if it'll pan out.



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